Sara Kamélia Tantane

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artistic director jr.,

graphic designer & photograph ︎
based in Paris. ︎

always up for a project. ︎

currently working at Agua Blanca. ︎ always searching for new cool freelance projects.


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Art direction & Graphic Design.
Based in Paris


in collaboration with Laura Le Gal, Julien Loutrein & Maïa Toutlouyan.
fonts in use: Listz by Anatole Couteau & Sofia by Léa Bruneau, Nostra by Lucas Descroix.
models: Zawé, Melody, Julia, Blandine, Martin, Oscar, Pauline, Bader, Clara, Fabien, Rihanon photographer: @florian_debray

In a society oscillating between exclusion & inclusion, where some invite to build walls, to raise barriers, Tati invites its target to a total diversity. The brand wants to highlight the strong French diversity & decomplex populations by valuing each culture.
For the new Tati's communication campaign, we are reinvestating this vision as a fundamental value of his DNA. The brand is looking to the future: TATI 2089.

What form will take the diversity in the next decades?

Because there's no question of blood anymore but question of tolerance towards different culture. Where fraternity induces integration by blood, Tati emphasizes the fact that we can integrate through our own culture, mingling with others.

Starting this new campaign with fly-posting in the parisians streets that reveals only a place, a date & an instagram.

Because our target doesn't go to Tati, Tati 2089 goes to meet them thanks to a mobile pop-up store. This pop-up store, in the form of a container, is open on both sides allowing a complete crossing and movement for the customers