Sara Kamélia Tantane

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artistic director jr.,

graphic designer & photograph ︎
based in Paris. ︎

always up for a project. ︎

currently working at Agua Blanca. ︎ always searching for new cool freelance projects.


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Art direction & Graphic Design.
Based in Paris



DA: Lenny Paumelle & me
photography: Lenny Paumelle & me

Low Impact is a French eco-concept brand of textile based in Roubaix. I work there since 1 year and so, since the creation of it. We had to position the brand and create a strategy of communication.

We did several shooting in the factory and in our own studio for the e-shop content.

We create differents campaigns for selling our product to our community and to do ads on social networks. We had to inform consumers on the artists that we are working with, the eco conception of the product and that we form young in our textile factory. All the photographs are taken by us in our studio or in the factory.

Creation of videos and motion graphics to promote our values.
All the videos are taken by me.

We create all the content that is post on every social media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. So this means, editing the shooting, create numbers and datas graphics contents, interview and reels.

Creation of a filter to make a contest for our Instagram community to win one of our message tee shirt but also a filter with the brand logo.

We create a scenography for an event/exhibition focuse on the “Economie Sociale et Solidaire” month but also a pop-up store for Low Impact and other brands that are making in our factory.

The media Supernature is part of the Low Impact project. It’s a digital media to aware of ecological and fashion issues, but with humour and GenZ references.