Sara Kamélia Tantane

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artistic director jr.,

graphic designer & photograph ︎
based in Paris. ︎

always up for a project. ︎

currently working at Agua Blanca. ︎ always searching for new cool freelance projects.


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Art direction & Graphic Design.
Based in Paris

2021_  Freelance photographer and Art Director mission for Laulhère.

2020_2021  Freelance Art Director at Low Impact.

2020_  2 month internship at Paf atelier, Paris. (interrupted 😷🦠)

2019_2020  6 month internship at cldesign, Paris.

2019_2020 Freelance journalist at Le Parisien: technical check of the newspaper before printing.
2017_2019  Postgraduate degree in design and strategies of communication in Ecole Estienne ESAIG Paris, honors: Excellent.

2018_ 3 months internship at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, as artistic director for the Food Art Week Festival: communication and artistic direction.

2018_ job at Le Parisien Week-End magazine, attached manufacturing, advertising sales agency at LesEchosLe Parisien newspaper.

2015_2017  Advanced vocational diploma in graphic industry & communication option printed media in Ecole Estienne ESAIG Paris.

2014_2015  University Paris-Ouest, L1 Art History & Archeology.

2011_2014  High School Newton, French Baccalaureate option Science stream.