Sara Kamélia Tantane

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artistic director jr.,

graphic designer & photograph ︎
based in Paris. ︎

always up for a project. ︎

currently working at Agua Blanca. ︎ always searching for new cool freelance projects.


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Art direction & Graphic Design.
Based in Paris


in collaboration with Taina Guedes & Blanche Garnier.
photography: Sara Tantane (me)
internship of 3 months at entretempo kitchen gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Artistic direction of the Food Art Week festival, created by Tainá Guedes in Berlin which focuses on raising awareness around ecological, social & economical issues related to our eating habits with a different year subject. This year’s topic was the sugar and took place in Paris at Ground Control.
How can we reduce our consumption of sugar? How bas is it for our health, our environment?